“Elite: Dangerous” – Screenshots: Trip To Sagittarius A* and Colonia

“Bleae Aewsy DI-B D13-566” Roughly halfway between Fuelum and Sagittarius A*.

While the beginning of the trip was chronicled at the tail end of my previous “screenshots” post, all of these are the rest of the trip.¬† Enjoy!

The star fields (when they weren’t seemingly buggy) changed throughout the trip.
Neutron star boosting is not hard … but caution is needed since it can be dangerous.
My trusty ship stayed cool while flying close to suns for refueling.
A hint of what space looks like as you get closer to the center.
Exploring distant (in system) stars and planets.
Taking a break on a small planet closely orbiting a small star.
While initially named “Full Service Rat”, I eventually renamed her “Interstellar Rescue”.
Some neutron stars are scarily buggy – especially if they have an extremely close companion star.
These two are a little too close together.
The farther away you get from a star, the more the background light and gas of the region becomes apparent.
We are arriving.
Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A*.
It’s *the* tourist spot.
Sagittarius A*.
“Great Annihilator”. 2500 LY back the way I came, I found out about it from a viewer, and made the side trip before heading to Colonia.
Initially I figured I’d make the journey to the rest of “Great Annihilator”‘s system. This particular bug in the star field would show up occasionally. Thing is, something else seemed weird about the situation …
“Great Annihilator” has a few companion stars. And a companion black hole!
The blurring/lensing of light is the only way to “see” a black hole. Spooky, and even when you’re not looking at the black hole directly, sometimes you can make out its influence in the star field in front of you.
Also, another tourist beacon.
One last glance at “Great Annihilator”.
Starting my way to Colonia – another crazy star pairing.
Convenient, though – I can get fuel from one, and a boost from the other.
Refueling and researching at the same time.
Finally, Jaques Station at Colonia. Roughly 31,000 LY between visits to stations and any sign of civilization (aside from tourist beacons).
After probably millions of Ls in SC and well into 31,000 LY of jumps, paint job at 37%.

Worn out paint jobs actually look kind of cool.
The area around Colonia is the furthest reach of settled space from Sol. As such, Jaques Station had a lot of tourist beacons around it.
Jaques Station in Colonia, the reason why there’s human settlements this far out
The Fuel Rats have a second Minor Faction, which resides in a system called “Rodentia” in the Colonia area. This is “Surly’s Nest”.
Ready to head back to Fuelum.
I’ve safely boosted through many of them, but I still find them amazing … and scary.
And we return to “Attenborough’s Watch”, the first thing from this trip I’ve seen before.
I won’t be willingly repainting any time soon, but I also won’t be willingly headed out that far any time soon.
One of the best parts of the whole trip was discovery. I made over 50M Cr without even trying, and got many “first finds” – some of which gave me significant bonus money.

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