inFAMOUS for the PS3

So, for a while there, the PlayStation Network on the PS3 was unavailable.  Seems some hackers broke in and stole credit card information, and it took Sony around a month before PSN required features (which may have included some games) were available again (thankfully this did not include Netflix streaming, or else someone would have died a slow, horrible, painful death).  Along with some other things (like, say, credit monitoring protection), Sony gave PSN subscribers two games for free (from a very limited selection, at least one of which I already had and most of which I didn’t want).  One of those was inFAMOUS, which I decided to download.  One might suspect that Sony, aware that inFAMOUS 2 [was due to|had] launch[|ed] on June 7, might use this as a way to drum up interest in and sell copies of the sequel. Continue reading inFAMOUS for the PS3