No Man’s Sky: A Game Of Ships

In any game where you can advance a stat, it often involves grinding.  In No Man’s Sky, this is what I’ve termed “The Run To 48” (ignoring the fact that the max slots on a Multitool is 24).  Your suit inventory and your ship inventory spaces max out at 48.  For the suit, this is strictly a grind involving getting money and finding drop pods (or the odd other place to get a suit slot).  For ships … it eventually becomes the practice of finding a crashed one that has one more slot and leaving your old ship behind. Continue reading No Man’s Sky: A Game Of Ships

No Man’s Sky: The Diversity of Strange Life

In my adventures in No Man’s Sky I’ve seen a variety of alien creatures.  None yet have really made me go “Wow!” as much as several of the creatures on what I named “BF Togte II” (the system is named “BF Togte I”, the “I” being a mistake because I thought I was naming the first planet I landed on in the system, and “Togte” meaning “This One Goes To Eleven”).