Who Is BotFodder?

I’ve been playing computer games for a very, very long time. You could say I know a little about computers.

The  name came about when I started playing a mod to Unreal Tournament 2004 that involved cooperative, RPG play; there was usually no PvP involved on the server that used the mod.  I played a little bit as whatever sign-on I was using for things at the time, realized I needed something unique to identify myself, and thought about how, as a low level player, all I was really good for at the time was temporarily distracting the monsters so that the higher level players could clean them up at their leisure.  The monsters were “bots”, and I was the cannon fodder.

What Games Do You Play?

A little of everything.  First-person shooters, puzzlers … anything that seems interesting enough to keep my attention for a while.

What Platform Do You Play On?

Right now?  PS4.  I just don’t have the money to dedicate to the expense of buying an appropriate computer to play some of the newer games.  With the PS4, I can broadcast to Twitch.TV and make highlights and export the highlights to YouTube.  Follows on Twitch and subscribers on YouTube are appreciated.

That all said, I do dream of a day when I’m back on the PC playing FPS games (and possibly others). My experience with FPS on the PS3 and PS4 platforms hasn’t been “bad” but I know I’d be better at it on the PC.

Where Can We Find You?

Well, there’s Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.  Oh, and Google+, though I don’t really do too much there.  My Twitter frequently includes stuff not relating to gaming in any way, but is also the first place to go if you want to find out if I’m streaming or not (if you don’t want to just go to Twitch or are looking for a notification.

Why Is There Sometimes A “2” And Sometimes Not?

It depends on where, as it’s usually due to some reason specific to the “account” in question (though occasionally I either stumble across someone already using the name as an account):

  • PSN: If memory serves, the error message involved something akin to “Cannot use identical username to name on email” and I was signing up with a “botfodder@” email.
  • YouTube/Google+: “Many people use the same nickname.  Add a number to make sure people know it’s you.”
  • Twitch: Someone appears to have signed up with “botfodder” previously.

So sometimes there’s a 2.  Someday I’m sure I’ll come across an instance where I can’t use either without or with “2” and need to come up with something else …