Elite: Dangerous – Screenshots V

Humm the “ST: Voyager” soundtrack

A collection of screenshots outlining a little bit of some BackGround Simulation stuff I played with, the grind to Duke, the purchase of the glorious Imperial Cutter “Prime Mover”, and of course the beginning of my Grand Tour around some key locations of the Galaxy.

“The FuelRats Mischief” got itself into a little war and brought out the big guns.

Found these just sitting out after a rescue.
Couldn’t target them; may have been left over limpets that didn’t “explode”.
Planetside Landing

The grind to Duke
Would like a way to target a star from this view.

Major Sites of the Galaxy, including Beagle Point (65K LY from the Bubble), and Sagittarius A* and Colonia (both around 25K LY from the Bubble). My trip will take me to Sagittarius A*, then to Colonia (where there’s a station), and then hopping three or four stations on the the trip back.
The “Bubble” and the furthest points of travel for me … for now.
Visited this planet a lot, and went from here to Aditi a lot. This is the closest the jump path took me to the ground.
Two Rats, One Client.
Dreams of riches, soon to be dashed …
Approaching the station

Coming in for a landing onto my favorite pad number. o7 CMDR!
“Prime Mover” first iteration.

What does *that* trophy mean?!
Oh! That’s what it means!


The “Tactical Graphite” paint job.

Approaching a Neutron Star from Hyperspace.
Small, pretty, useful, but dangerous if not respected.
New name (“Full Service Rat”), new paint job. Stripped down for weight but still capable for long journeys – including rescues.
Lots of stuff out in the middle of nowhere.
Approaching a distant outpost.


I wasn’t sure this was going to work. And was kind of afraid when it started up.

Beauty and danger. You fly into the streams for a short period of time to get a 200% boost to your jump range. Do it too much, or too close to the star itself, and destruction may be the result.

On a small moon in orbit of a gas giant, with the bulk of the Galaxy (the direction I’m heading) in the background. Not even halfway to the center yet …
Cutting it close.

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