“Elite Dangerous” Screenshots: Exploration, New Ships, “The Oracle” Rescue

The view from Mitterand Hollow … well, briefly.

I visited one of the odd spots of the game, went on a short exploration trip to the “top” of the galaxy, bought a few new ships, and rescued some people from a station the Thargoids attacked.

The Imperial Cutter “Prime Mover” with the Graphite paint job.

Another Fuel Rat’s Asp X
Someone else’s Anaconda with the “Gold” paint job.

Busy time at the station
“FASter Pussycat”, my Federal Assault Ship
My FAS goes to dock
Made Rear Admiral, bought a Federal Corvette
New “Black Friday” paint job.

Journeying “up” from Fuelum, the stars start to get further apart …
Getting close to the “top”
Making one more hop in a generally “up” direction
Anaconda in front of the Galaxy
“Dark Matter”‘s Dark Shadow
So I had some spare cash and decided to spend it … on an Imperial Courier
Small, lots of cabin noise, but quick!

Since I was getting close to owning 10 ships (the above was #8) and you get a PS4 Trophy for “Own Ten Different Ship Types”, I went on a shopping spree.

Another “small” ship purchase, a Diamondback Explorer; this I use for Fuel Ratting.
So it got named “Sippy Cup”.
I thought this Fer-De-Lance (one of the more dangerous combat oriented ships) was going to get me the trophy for ten ships. Alas, it was a case of “Mistaken Identity”
And I own ships of ten different models!
“Trophy Wife”, a Beluga Liner. Biggest (volume) ship in the game
Bought the Cutter ship kit

Met (and scanned) a Thargoid
Had to lighten this a bit; one of the Engineers wanted something from this crash site.
“The Oracle” station is burning!
Returning to “The Oracle” to rescue more people

It’s so hot that ships overheat if they don’t use a heatsink or stay too long

There’s a lot of debris floating inside you have to dodge.

The information panel has a hard time dealing with the interference
They are in need of a few things, so I dropped some off
The passengers are desperate to leave
It’s a short hop to the rescue ship.
There she is, ready to receive rescued residents of “The Oracle”

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