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“No Man’s Sky” Update 1.3: Atlas Rises

I hope by the end of the post you don’t think I hate the game – that wouldn’t be true. It is fair to say that there’s a lot more negative I can say about this update and that the impact of the changes made has really hit home for someone who spent a lot of time putting effort in to both labeling the system and planet names in an informative manner, as well as contributing to the No Man’s Sky Wiki as part of the r/NMSGalacticHub Project. That doesn’t mean I think the update was a mistake or in any way ruined the game. However, some of the bugs and mechanics I’ve encountered at the very least have me hesitant to play much more until another bug fix update or two comes out. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky” Update 1.3: Atlas Rises

No Man’s Sky – PathFinder Update! Good, and Bad

A new update to No Man’s Sky has dropped and it includes several new features, apparently fixes several bugs, but as would be not unexpected, introduces a few as well.  In addition, not all of the features are all that great.  For every change, there’s both a good aspect and a bad aspect.  And while a lot of what’s good or bad can be subjective, some of those opinions could be considered objective.

Continue reading No Man’s Sky – PathFinder Update! Good, and Bad

Finding The Galactic Hub In “No Man’s Sky”

I was asked on a Reddit thread how I managed to put a waypoint on Lennon, aka HubCap, when I hadn’t been there before.  Mind you, I was only a few hundred light years away in the video, but I had originally gotten a waypoint on TopOfTheTree when I was 11 hops out (4000+ light years, or 16,000+ light years, depending on the method of measurement, since there’s a bug with all that).  I wrote a rather lengthy response, reproduced below (with hyperlinks and some additional text trying to make clear the difference between “actual” distance and “Linear Distance” reported by the Galactic Map – and of course the occasional edit since then): Continue reading Finding The Galactic Hub In “No Man’s Sky”

Heading Towards The Galactic Hub – No Man’s Sky

I’ve become aware of the Galactic Hub.  In short, it’s a region of space (no where near the center, so it’s not a hub in that sense) that, given a little bit of effort (unless you’re very close to the center), everyone in No Man’s Sky should be able to get to.  While there isn’t any “classical” multiplayer in the game, the Hub (in short) is where the ability to share discoveries and leave messages shines. Continue reading Heading Towards The Galactic Hub – No Man’s Sky