No Man’s Sky – Revisiting Old Discoveries: Why I Moved My Base

I know – with the lack of posts here, you’d think I’d have given up on gaming in general.  But no, I’m still dealing with my addiction to No Man’s Sky and my fascination with the Galactic Hub Project.  I’ve been trying not to be too lazy and at the very least adding pages to the Hub-used No Man’s Sky Wiki.  Thing is, this has me actually looking for old discoveries and revisiting old systems.  And it was this that made me move my base.

(Roughly) Where my current base is, and where the Hub and the Center are

My existing base at the time was on a planet well away from the Hub – but at a happy middle point between the Hub and the Center, at my closest to the Center before I started the journey to the Hub.  I figured it was a good place to stop because it had a nice climate, and while the color scheme wasn’t my personal favorite, it wasn’t hard on the eyes:

  • There were small lakes, but no oceans, so at least there was water … but I would have liked to see more of it
  • The grass was a kind of blue, not green
  • The sky was blue during the day, so that was nice
  • My base was right next to a patch of Viridium that I could set Automated Miners up on and collect a bit of cash, so it had that going for it, too
Visitors waiting to land

Using the Terminus, I could teleport to whatever system I had last visited, and so there would always be a Hub system in my list of Terminus destinations.

I was also looking at the Hub Management System – a 3D mapping project that was providing a searchable map that people could use to figure out where a system they had heard of (be it on Reddit or through the Wiki) might be relative to everything else.  Due to resource requirements, the developer requested that only Rentocniijik Expanse systems be added to the HMS for the time being.  So I visited the few systems I had in the Wiki and got their coordinates and added them in.  It was then that I noticed that someone else put one of my old discoveries (so old it was pre-wiki) into the map: “BF166 Bot’s First In Hub”.  I decide to make an effort to travel to this system (easy, since there was an actual map I could search) and get the necessary screenshots to get at least a barebones page into the wiki for this, my first discovered system in the Hub.

But, that depends on your definition of “Hub”.

For a while now the suggestion has been that the “Hub” can refer to not just “Rentocniijik Expanse”, but any of the neighboring regions as well.  Add to that the fact that the community discovered that, on PS4, a good portion of “Rento” was discovered – it was becoming extremely difficult to find an undiscovered system there.  So a vote was taken, and the decision was made: we would shift our focus to another region, called the Eapustafiges Adjunct, in what I’ve termed the First Hub Expansion.

On my initial pilgrimage to HubCap, I had stopped in Eapustafiges.  I even explored a system.  And while looking for other places to discover (since I was having a hard time finding my previous discoveries, since there was no map of most of them), I stumbled on this system.  I decided that it could probably use a Wiki page too, since it was now in a region considered as “officially” part of the Galactic Hub Project.

When I first warp into a system, I scan all the planets and moons I can see from that initial position.  I look first for the systems that have no “obvious” weather – systems without Candensium (always a radioactive planet), Temerium (always toxic), Fervidium (always hot),  Coryzagen (always cold, though sometimes a favorite of mine), or Spadonium (always “dry”, but not always hot).  It’s these “not obvious” planets that hold the most interest for me: they could be lifeless rocks (if nothing else, a very quick visit of “land, name, get my screenshot, leave”), or paradise planets, or oceanic (admittedly, some of the other types of planets can be oceanic as well, but without a “special” material, they’re more likely to have nicer flora).  I usually visit these planets first, and in my revisit to BF165 Onsifi I figured I should get the planetary screenshots in the order in which I named them.

So it was that I landed on “BF165-1 Onsifi Oceana”, and felt like it could be a new home.

Green grass, oceans of water … and the occasional storm.

It wasn’t perfect – there’s at least one aggressive creature on the planet and I could always do without that (I hate having to kill things when I’m walking around outside).  The star was just a “yellow” star (meaning the system had no star colored mineral that usually goes for more than anything else at the Trade Terminals), so the best I could do for mining was Emril – but there was a bit of that nearby.  It did suffer from storms more frequently than I would have preferred, and if you’re too high up in the mountains on an island, the view gets a little clouded out.  But down lower, closer to the water … between the storms … simple beauty.

Oh and Rigogen in the water.  That’s always a plus.

I spent several hours over three days looking for the perfect spot, occasionally musing to myself about how I could have already visited such a place, yet not seriously considered moving there (at least, not to my recollection).  I found something good enough for the time being, on the far side of the planet away from the space station.  And I moved.

The New Home

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