No Man’s Sky – Screenshots XV

The upgraded Blueberry Dream is so good at landing anywhere it’s floating above the trees.

So it’s been a week since the last screenshots post, and there’s been a few developments. ¬†Good time for a screenshots post.

An actual crab creature with claws. Harmless though.
Planets very close together.
Blueberry Dream at her makeshift teleport receiver at the “old” base.
Feeding on the kill …
Probably not the best place for a new base.
The new freighter.
New Freighter, old base …

The change in color due to nebula presence or absence is striking
Scouting for a new base, I think
I liked the horn
The freighter in the distance
Not the angle I usually like to find underwater predators from
Scouting for a new home to journey towards the hub.
Base in the sky … with birds
Visitors waiting to land
I found a system very close to the Hub. One planet had butterflies.
Another planet had a crapton of fauna.
Looking for the Hub – found it! I’m a bit of a ways away.
Pretty sure this is a good portion of the Hub – the Rentocnijik Expanse.
And I find my first major Hub “landmark” – TopOfTheTree. This is my new waypoint.

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