No Man’s Sky – Screenshots XI

Even the red planets after the Foundations Update seem a bit more interesting

So I’m playing more No Man’s Sky these days.  Not so much “Survival”, but a bit more normal.  I hit my 100th system in normal mode last night! More screenshots after the break!

This guy was waiting for me to leave the landing platform

I would occasionally see lots of wildlife from the old base windows
I visit at least one planet in every system before moving on. At this one, you could see a black hole inviting me on adventure …

“Pizza Roller I” is my current freighter
View from the bridge of “PR I”
My new base on Berkel II, with a visitor approaching …
Just touching down …
If I found this crashed in blue, I might have picked it up.
Some of the colors since the update …
Broken Iridium column.
The base on Berkel II was designed as a (mostly) floating base.
I’m way South (I think) on Berkel II, as the Sun never passes over the base
Trying to get a good night shot of the base and freighter …
With this design, I did manage to get glass in all outside windows …
I get frequent visitors to Berkel II
Staff hard at work

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