No Man’s Sky: Screenshots X

No Man's Sky_20160903135717
Entering another Atlas Interface

It’s been a while, and it’s my 10th Screenshots post for No Man’s Sky … so here’s 85 screenshots.

No Man's Sky_20160903140127
The Long Walk
No Man's Sky_20160903143759
It’s like he had a boned head. But bizarrely so …

No Man's Sky_20160903143846

No Man's Sky_20160903144054
Planetary Eclipse. I don’t recall, but I don’t think that’s this planet’s moon.
No Man's Sky_20160903150058
I fed a few of the natives.
No Man's Sky_20160903150136
We hung out for a bit

No Man's Sky_20160903151445

No Man's Sky_20160903151859
It’s not always easy to get good shots of these. I could have waited until “day”, but that would involve waiting. Night would have been fine if the cliff face hadn’t been behind it.

No Man's Sky_20160903152030

No Man's Sky_20160903152606
I spent a lot of time on this moon. It had green grass, lakes, and trees, and only triggered my environmental protection (for cold) during storms.

No Man's Sky_20160903152935

No Man's Sky_20160903153152
It had mostly non-aggressive life.

No Man's Sky_20160903153352

No Man's Sky_20160903153603

No Man's Sky_20160903154332

No Man's Sky_20160903161354

No Man's Sky_20160903165152
While the Korvax and Vy’keen lore discuss before, during, and at least a little after the time of the FIRST GEK, the Gek lore only discusses the FIRST GEK and their rise. Only here, at a Korvax plaque, do we learn exactly how the FIRST GEK were overthrown.
No Man's Sky_20160903165308
Not this moon’s planet, but another planet.

No Man's Sky_20160903165316

No Man's Sky_20160903165949

No Man's Sky_20160903171459

No Man's Sky_20160903171631

No Man's Sky_20160903172410

No Man's Sky_20160903174432
Looking over a flag at a crash site
No Man's Sky_20160903191219
Does it come in blue?

No Man's Sky_20160903193036

No Man's Sky_20160903193059

No Man's Sky_20160903193444

No Man's Sky_20160903200229

No Man's Sky_20160903202614

No Man's Sky_20160903210610
I had the image of a big head with a long nose and nasty teeth. It’s just a cave, right?
No Man's Sky_20160903210805
Very much so gold colored.
No Man's Sky_20160903211012
Weather was mainly a problem when you landed. In the air, weather effects disappeared.
No Man's Sky_20160903211552
I had warped 30 (I think) times.
No Man's Sky_20160903211711
System of the Pizza Wheels!
No Man's Sky_20160903213827
That’s not what you think it is. (Bug)
No Man's Sky_20160904145010
I’d seen this type of creature before but had never gotten this good a shot.

No Man's Sky_20160904145331

No Man's Sky_20160904145427

No Man's Sky_20160904145805

No Man's Sky_20160904153322
Carnivore. Best scanned at a distance.

No Man's Sky_20160904154200

No Man's Sky_20160904155623

No Man's Sky_20160904161331
Another Atlas Interface … getting closer to the end of the Atlas Path

No Man's Sky_20160904161732

No Man's Sky_20160904162448
Unusual for a planet to be so dark while the sun is up.
No Man's Sky_20160904163429
Murrine. Rare, and valuable. You get very little from mining the bubbles …
No Man's Sky_20160904163435
And they had very energetic results when you mined them.

No Man's Sky_20160904185652

No Man's Sky_20160904192021

No Man's Sky_20160904192726
You visit 11 Atlas Interfaces on the path …

No Man's Sky_20160904192758

No Man's Sky_20160904194845
It was blue. It looked kind of cool. No bubble canopy, but I wasn’t seriously thinking of trading in …
No Man's Sky_20160904194850
Especially since it was missing a wing (in my opinion)
No Man's Sky_20160904204030
I kind of “accidentally” summoned a Sentinel Walker.
No Man's Sky_20160904204056
He … fell down. Yeah. I had nothing to do with it … that’s the ticket!

No Man's Sky_20160905151327

No Man's Sky_20160905162902

No Man's Sky_20160905163020

No Man's Sky_20160906172858
Polo’s story …

No Man's Sky_20160906174415

No Man's Sky_20160906174612

No Man's Sky_20160906180104

No Man's Sky_20160906180922

No Man's Sky_20160906180927

No Man's Sky_20160908172442

No Man's Sky_20160908174118
Number 11.

No Man's Sky_20160908174219

No Man's Sky_20160908174340

No Man's Sky_20160908174412
And that’s pretty much it. I don’t get to go to the star or any of its planets, and I don’t get to see anything. Just hand over my 10 stones and leave.
No Man's Sky_20160908174527
At my last one, I notice that the ceiling has a great view of the stars outside …
No Man's Sky_20160908175709
I can now detect black holes.

No Man's Sky_20160908175716

No Man's Sky_20160908181032
They supposedly take me a little closer to the center of the galaxy … my new goal.
No Man's Sky_20160908193139
At least it looks like it should be aggressive. This planet in particular had a lot of things that wanted to eat you.
No Man's Sky_20160909181852
I had heard rumors of Butterfly Cows but this was the first I’d seen myself.

No Man's Sky_20160909182522

No Man's Sky_20160909183453

No Man's Sky_20160909184311

No Man's Sky_20160909193946

No Man's Sky_20160909201450
A first for me seeing a building both in and out of the water. Usually it’s all one or the other.

No Man's Sky_20160909201605

No Man's Sky_20160909201905

No Man's Sky_20160909202025

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