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No Man’s Sky: Find Crashed Ships

I have spent days and days, scouring two systems for ships that I’ve seen in the space station, attempting to find them crashed.  While I didn’t find White Lightning at all and haven’t found Blueberry Dream 2 yet (EDIT: I found her after five days of searching with 48 slots at the second to last Transmission Tower/Crash site I was going to visit before breaking down and buying her at 46 slots), I think I’ve figured out some of the peculiarities of how you can search for that particular ship you saw crashed somewhere in No Man’s Sky.  Mind you, this is all based on my experience, and there’s definitely the possibility that your experiences may differ. Continue reading No Man’s Sky: Find Crashed Ships

No Man’s Sky – PS4 Bases Horribly Broken

This particular bug behavior has suddenly broken what, for me, was a major part of my gameplay: my freighter base.  While my planet base is largely unaffected, there are reports that other PS4 players see the same “drift” issues that I’ve experienced on  my freighter.

I can handle gaps in the floors, and the frustration of having to jet-pack-hop through a door is minor.  But when walls show up where they shouldn’t be and block off entire portions of what should be an open room, I get angrily frustrated.  More ranting and screenshots below … Continue reading No Man’s Sky – PS4 Bases Horribly Broken

No Man’s Sky: A Game Of Ships, Part 2

No Man's Sky_20160831184104I was thinking Blue Dyson Fan was going to be “it”.  She was blue, had a good view out of the cockpit, and while she didn’t have the proportionality I look for in a ship, I figured she was “good enough” to keep me away from the Transmission Towers.  Maybe I’d buy something if I ever saw something really good, it was 48 slots, and I had the money.  But with the “Gek Transmission Tower” bug fixed, I didn’t think I’d take the time to look for the “needle in the haystack.”

I was wrong. Continue reading No Man’s Sky: A Game Of Ships, Part 2