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Why I’m Psyched For NO MAN’S SKY

I mean, have you seen the E3 videos?  That alone should be enough to start some hype.

So as I sit here dreading the porting of game related posts from where I usually run off at the mouth (which I’m trying to keep fairly separate from this site), I figured I’d write a little bit about how I really can’t wait until No Man’s Sky is finally released. Continue reading Why I’m Psyched For NO MAN’S SKY

At Least We LOOK Impressive …

There’s a bit of an issue with STAR WARS Battlefront‘s DLC (the ones you need a season pass or pay separately for).  The new one, Outer Rim, came with two new heroes, at least one new game style (that’s not yet available on the other maps), and some additional new maps.

Thing is, much like the Night Ops addition to Battlefield 4, it rotates the game mode as well as the maps … and only the new maps.  So, after playing a round or two of, say, Extraction, you end up playing a round of Heroes vs Villains … and not everyone is always up for that …

A Day With The PlayStation 4

There was a time when I was working diligently on my CCIE studies, but it was slow going; I’ve been drawn to Battlefield 4 on the PS3 because I’ve found a few people to play with who are kind of cool to hang out with in game.  Then came the impending expiration of my CCNP, so I studied up a bit, took an exam, and passed.

So things went downhill from there … in the sense that I’m still kind of “celebrating” the recertification, but haven’t yet gotten back into studying properly. Continue reading A Day With The PlayStation 4