Elite: Dangerous – Screenshots IV

Trophy for fighting in conflict zones

Smaller collection of screenshots – but these include several from a Thargoid encounter!

I’m always curious about certain collections of stars and wonder if there’s an easy way to actually target them to travel to them.
Thargoid Encounter!

Scanned me and left me alone

Scavenging from the wreckage

My ship is way in the background
More bright stars in the distance
“404 Not Found” got a new paint job.

I sold the original “Blazing Saddles” but couldn’t part from the name. However, I did actually later rebuy a Python and moved the name from this ship back to the Python.
She’s relatively small, quite agile, with some teeth (Dakkadakka!)

Headed to a new “home”.
Amazingly enough, this is perfectly safe – Hyperjump while skimming the surface.
More odd collections of stars. Taken while on a 2700+ Lightyear trip to a client.
I managed to get “first find” on two stars and a planet during the rescue.

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