“Elite: Dangerous” – Screenshots III

An award for picking up crap on the ground

Trips to Sol, places remote, some mining, and also some assorted random shots.

Client decided to try to Supercruise to the next system. It’s bad when SC distances are described in “Lightyears”.
0.11 Ly from the client … 0.12 Ly from the main star …
And my paint job afterwards. My poor ship!

A planet with a big ring structure.
Close call leaving the station.
Pilgrimage to “Fuelum”, the Fuel Rats system.
“Wollheim Vision”, the station in Fuelum.
First Interdiction award.
Community goals are a way to make a bit of money, the award amount being related to the amount of work you do.
I had fun hunting for bad guys in Supercruise.
Solar eclipse.
And getting promoted for hunting down bad guys.
The Anaconda “No Rebuy” (later renamed). Decent weapons, decent cargo space. Bad maneuverability.
With 6A shields and all other usable space cargo, the Anaconda has a particular tonnage of cargo space …
Limpet on the way to the client (who is barely visible).

The “404 Not Found” out in space
There should be a shadow here somewhere …
There are bugs in the game … like two NPC ships trying to get into the same landing pad …

So I tried mining – these are collection limpets returning with ore.
Doing a 1K+ “explorer passenger” trip, I realized I had forgotten something. This was the nearest station …
Got a little close to this water world.
Instancing issue. This close, I should see the ship of the client, not his wing beacon.
More mining. My wife says that the views are more interesting when I mine than anything else. Too bad it’s the most boring thing to do.
Mining and collecting.
The refinery … and the worst thing you can see is 93% of the rarest thing around, and not being able to find the last 7%.
A 1.7K+ Ly passenger mission, I saw this bright star …
While I thought that might be my destination, it wasn’t. And it was more than just one star.
Might be hard to see the red nebula off the nose of “Farscape”.
“First Find” on a couple of planets. One was just a rock … the other had a little bit of something.
Took a trip to Sol (and had accidentally fired off a heatsink).
Coming home.
The sunrise.
You can make out the Arabian Peninsula, Black Sea; Italy is getting hit by a storm.
Hovering over northern Africa.

India and the Horn of Africa become clearer …
This was the best lighting for the capital ship I ran across in Sol. It does not do the ship justice though.
Mars has been terraformed.
One of the stations in Mars orbit was nice.
Lots of activity.
Parks to walk in. Well, not yet, but maybe some day.
Palm trees ringing the landing pads.
I thought a bout making the trip, but decided it was a bit too far.
Orbiting Jupiter.
Don’t think I ever saw “the” Red Spot, but spotted a few storms …
Sorry Robin – you’re wanted, and I need the money.

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