Elite: Dangerous – Screenshots II

It’s not uncommon to come across more than one star in a system. They are not always this close together, either.

Another round of Elite: Dangerous screenshots.

Get too close, and you could get burned.
Looking at a slightly different paint job on “Farscape”.

That slot behind me is what I have to fly through to land in the station.
Yes, I can see myself. And change my appearance. Not that important, but still …

The lighting (or lack thereof) is a big part of the environment in “Elite: Dangerous”. Here’s the dark side of a planet.
Scooping fuel from one star … and being wary of the other.
My most recent ship purchase, “Blazing Saddles”
Sitting outside an orbis space station.
FDev (short for Frontier Developers) honored the FuelRats with a decal that we can be awarded for rescues.
So, of course “Mischief Managed” had to get it plastered EVERYWHERE it would go.

Warping through space isn’t as fancy in a still shot as it is in “No Man’s Sky”, but it is a more impressive video …

Again, a decent attention to detail, including shadows in bright light. Including the shadow of my ship.
Some systems require permits to get to … including ours.
“Blazing Saddles” in the dark.
Added the “ID” decal to the ships. As this is the 3rd of the three I currently own, it’s BOT-03.

While maybe this could be BOT-02, the FuelRats assign IDs to ships, so “Mischief Managed” is FR1521.
Elite Dangerous_20170809193249
As the oldest, “Farscape” is BOT-01.
She hasn’t seen a lot of space time lately – I’ve been using “Blazing Saddles” because she has more room for cargo … and bigger guns. But for limited cargo sizes or passengers, “Farscape” would have a longer jump range.

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