“Elite: Dangerous” – Screenshots (I?)

Landing on a planet.

I don’t know how many “screenshots” I’ll be taking in this game – when you go into the “camera”, the game doesn’t pause … things keep happening (so getting an action shot could get you killed). ¬†Screenshots from the cockpit aren’t too bad, but until the game developers allow the PS4 players to change the cockpit color, I really don’t want to make you suffer from the orange HUD.

More screenshots (trophy awards, ships, and other stuff) follow …

If you kill someone who is wanted in the system, you can claim the bounty.
Pirates (or worse) can attempt to pull you out of Supercruise (an “in system” method of fast travel). It’s possible (if you’re quick and a tad lucky), to evade the interdiction.
It’s possible to collect data (with the right ship add on) about “unexplored” systems … and sell it for a tidy profit.
Basic view out of the cockpit. Someday, I hope to make the orange HUD blue … someday …
My ride for a little bit as I was working my way through early in the game: Viper Mk IV.
You can make a little money (and a reputation) doing things for factions.
Get a ship with enough room on it, and running cargo may be a profitable option.
You can make a little money taking people where they want to go. However, some passengers can get you shot at!
The “Type 6” I had briefly. Very little in the way of guns, but a decent enough cargo runner.
Gotta go around the star a bit to make before I can jump to the next system …
Stars of classes KGBFOAM can be “scooped” for fuel … if you have a scoop.
Some planets are supposedly heavily populated … but you can’t land on those.
Distress signal – couldn’t lock on to it, don’t think there was anything I could do with it, other than look …
Here’s the “Distress Signal” from a bit farther away.
Some of the stars are pretty awesome. And potentially very dangerous.
Thursdays new “Community Goals” are launched, where you get money (more than you probably deserve) for participating even just a little bit.
A view of the cockpit (and “Version 2” of me).
Sometimes you need the lights.
You can team up with friends … or in this case, someone who needs a little fuel.
A camera view down the length of a space station.
I noticed this guy having some issues. Loiter too long …
And they blow you up!
My “FuelRat” ship, the “FR Mischief Managed”
Rescuing Fabrecon.
My “regular” ship, the “Farscape”. Same model as my FuelRat ship, just a different configuration.

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