No Man’s Sky: Screenshots V

Nice little beach

More shots!

Big Monkey!
Tiny bull

One of the ships I got in my grind to 48. Would be happy with this style if it was my 48.
Flying eels!

This one has fins!
It’s like a multiheaded jello that hopped!
Land octopus that hopped!

Many headed jello with toupees!
Another ship I would have been happy with if it was a 48 slot ship …
New arrival in the space station!
Now departing …

I’m no longer afraid of pirates.

Watching another ship arrive
The illusive hopping pineapple
Big Sentinel
Ruins on a desert planet
Nice Hat!
Bunch of ships waiting to land … all because of me.
My first 48. I didn’t keep it.
“Frenzied”? That doesn’t sound good …
My 48 for the time being …

Actual fish!

Aireels over ruins
Leaving the Anomaly

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