I Hear The Cries, And Become OVERWATCH

While in the depths of my own despair, I heard the cry from DocXI: “I need friends to help me with this!”

I thought to myself: “No.  No I will not sit quietly, whimpering for August to hurry and come.  I will join you DocXI … I will be your OVERWATCH!”

Well, actually it was a Facebook post and I hemmed and hawed a bit about it.  I didn’t want to spend $60 (and didn’t want to get a disc just to get it cheaper) for an FPS, no matter how beautiful it looked.  I felt (and to an extent, still do) that I would rather have a PC to play such a game on, as I am more accurate with a mouse and a keyboard (just too cheap to get a decent gaming computer to do it with).

The fact that there were rumors of a delay for No Man’s Sky at the time kind of helped pushed me in that direction.  By the time Overwatch was done downloading, the word was out (officially) on the street – NMS would be delayed a couple of months for polish.

Symmetra, with whom I apparently did a decent job

We played a round vs AI on Medium and promptly got our butts kicked (and we weren’t hearing anyone else over the comms, which might have caused some of the issues).  This is not a bad thing: While on the surface Overwatch is easy to play, mastery of the different characters can be hard.  Still, I did manage to get a “Play Of The Game” in our second “easy” match:

Zenyatta, who has become my go-to character
Zenyatta, who has become my go-to character

So eventually I’ll get around to doing a proper “review” of Overwatch: Origins Edition, but for now I’m going to play a bit more and see if we can get a few more of DocXI and my friends together at the same time and actually play as a decent group.

But, if you want a review, I have a sneaking suspicion that mine would be a text version of LevelCap‘s (below).  One of the reasons I play support characters is because (as he observes) no one else does.

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