LittleBigPlanet (Level Creation)

Okay, so I haven’t published one yet but boyo let me tell you I know a thing or two about this now.

  1. USE THE GRID. If you hit “Start” you’ll see some options way at the top – “Small Grid”, “Medium Grid”, “Big Grid”. These allow you to put up a grid which will restrict where materials are placed. This will become quite handy … trust me.
  2. LEARN TO REWIND. The rewind function goes back in time. It’s basically an “undo.”
  3. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU STICK TO WHAT. This becomes important later on (see next item). Ideally, you should have everything rooted to the ground … but in some situations an elegant design can be screwed up by things becoming “unstuck” during play.
  4. PLAYTEST EVERYTHING IN PLAY MODE. Don’t just turn off “hover” and test your jumps. In play mode, you’ll learn things like:
    • When the camera mode can make a difference about which jumps are makable and which aren’t
    • When you have stuck a score bubble to something and claiming it ends up causing everything in a group that was stuck together to become unstuck.
  5. PUT CHECKPOINTS IN – BE NICE. I came across a similar statement in another level editing write up but I had already come to the same conclusion – it sucks to make it through a difficult sequence of jumps or swings or some kind of threat, get to a point of safety (lacking a checkpoint), move on, die, and then have to go all the way back. I curse the names of creators that fail this basic kindness. Besides … when you play test the thing, you’ll find it easier to make it to new stuff farther along.
  6. SCORE BUBBLES GO IN LAST. I think it just makes things easier if you do it this way.

Those are the essentials I think. Look for “City Rooftops” coming soon from BotFodder2.

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