Lego Indiana Jones

Those of you who played the Lego Star Wars game will find this very familiar. I enjoyed this game, but it wasn’t quite as good as Star Wars (or Batman, which I review next). I couldn’t put my finger on why; even though there were things to point at (it’s shorter than either of the other Lego games, has some unique gameplay as far as Indy’s whip is concerned, etc.) none of those things really irked me. I just … didn’t enjoy this as much as I enjoyed Star Wars. Oh well.

Like Star Wars, you play through the three (not Crystal Skull, sorry) Indiana Jones movies, with six “chapters” per movie. There are three “extra” levels as well, where you play the young Indy from Holy Grail; the other two aren’t quite as memorable (in fact, one of them – a “build a race track” or “shoot that target” was, well, boring). Getting 100% completed on this game wasn’t as hard as Star Wars was – there’s less in the way of requirements (no “blue kit” challenges). I also don’t recall seeing much in the way of “gold brick” rewards – the access to the “extra” levels was gained through collection of all ten minikits in a number of chapters.

Worth $30? Maybe. I got mine as a gift. Probably would wait a bit more to see if the price went down.

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