Destroy All Humans!

I was given a PS2 by my sister (newer PS3’s like mine being incapable of playing PS2 games). So I went ahead and spent money on Destroy All Humans! (1 and 2, actually – haven’t played 2 all the way through yet).

The worst thing about the situation was playing this game (which is designed for a standard TV set) on an HD capable TV. When you have a TV capable of 1080p, and a PS3 that typically has games in 720p, having to deal with stuff in 480p (yes, you are offered the option of switching to progressive mode, providing the TV and cables can handle it) can be psychically painful.

This is a pretty fun game, with a healthy length to it. The story is interesting.

The other aggravating thing about this game are the “Probes”. They are scattered throughout each map, and, aside from giving you DNA (the thing you’re getting from humans when you harvest their brains), the only other thing they get you is the odd additional “Furogami” and closer to 100% completion. They are not otherwise required for game enjoyment.

As it is, in “Area 42” I am still missing 3 (haven’t bothered to go online to find them), and in “Capital City” I’ve probably only found 2 or 3 of probably 25 or so.

When you die you come back as a clone. Clones have a numerical designation which increments when you die … rubbing in how many times you’ve died. Early on this game is fairly easy – two of the bosses though gave me a run for my money.

This game is only easy to put down if you’ve got another game on another system (IE, Lego Star Wars on the PS3) to play. 😉

Well worth the $20 I paid, but hard to find these days – the game itself ran me $12 or so, but I had to pay $8 in shipping via an associate.

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