Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction

I don’t usually bother doing game reviews, but I’ll be buying games very irregularly for my PS3 (and the PS2 I’m getting from my sister), so I figured I’d give you my impressions of the games I have so far.

The first one is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Very fun and interesting game. I never got the chance to play the earlier R&C games, but this one had a satisfying length to it, and I found myself going online to look at walkthroughs for a few of the “gold bolts” (which at this point don’t seem to be 100% necessary). There’s also the “holographic plans” for a weapon you’re really not supposed to have until you’ve been through the game anyway (if you realize you have all the plans just before you go into the final battle, and grab the weapon, the final battle is *cake*).

Playing it through a second time with all the weapons is mindless fun, especially after grabbing the “special” version of one of the “distraction” items.

I haven’t bothered to restart from scratch and play it again yet, but I’d guess that its replayability factor would decrease after the second or third go.

Worth $50? Probably not – I have very high expectations of games that cost that much (like, “does it have any porn value as well as a decent plot and fun playability?”). $40, maybe.

Another tidbit: plays in 720p HD on a capable television. Sweet!

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