More about the PS3

Okay, so I’ve had my Playstation 3 for a couple of days. Here’s my commentary so far:

  • The fan noise is noticeable, which is not what you expect from a console. More and more these things are coming darn close to being actual computers. There’s a web browser on the PS3, and the ability to install another OS in the menu. And you can get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Though the fan noise is loud, it sounds much like a decently built computer … unless you have it inside an enclosed space for too long …
  • It gets hot. Keep in a well ventilated place. I had mine inside an enclosed entertainment system (that had a glass door) and after around 30 minutes of “Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction”, the secondary fan kicked in, and the thing got really loud. It is now sitting on top of my Subwoofer next to the entertainment system (my old Super Nintendo was sitting there originally).
  • The sound configuration isn’t always easy to get to work, and you have to get that configured before the HDMI video path will work reliably. And it will only output sound in one path. I would have preferred that it output sound in multiple paths (both the optical and HDMI, so that if I didn’t want the 5.1, I could get the high quality video on my HDTV – see my later commentary on it – and the sound from the TV speakers).
  • I have R&C and “Resistance: Fall of Man”. I can guess that if you’re a mouse and keyboard fan when it comes to FPS games, you’re going to hate the PS3’s controller. It’s inaccurate, to say the least.
  • Games in 720p are awesome.
  • The upconvert DVD playing is quite excellent. Don’t have any BlueRay disks yet, though.
  • All of the “decent” games are running well above $40 – shop around though, you might find them affordable online.

Beyond reminding you about my earlier comments about the PS3 (especially in regards to PS2 compatibility), I guess that’s pretty much it.

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