Toys: HDTV, PS3 (not all good), Cable

Okay, so I’m getting an HDTV.  42″ 1080p JVC LCD.  I’ll be getting a cable upgrade shortly after it arrives, and I decided to drop some money on a PS3.

The Playstation 3 can be easily viewed as a competatively priced BlueRay player.  It also “upconverts” DVDs very well.  Now, my complaints so far (don’t have it yet), are that there have been four versions of the PS3 released to date:

  • The 20GB and 60GB models, that did PS2 emulation via additional hardware in the box.  Neither of these have been in production for a while; finding the 60GB model “reliably” “new” can run upwards of $750.
  • The 80GB model, that did PS2 emulation via software – and not all that well, from what I understand.  It just went out of production.
  • The currently available 40GB model, priced at a competative $400, that has no PS2 emulation.

The problem is that the only games I really want to play are the “Destroy All Humans” games that are only available for the PS2.  But I went ahead and got a couple of games for the PS3, just so I’d have something to play.

I had digital cable some time ago but while some of the channels were nice, I still spent most of my time on the “basic” channels.  Well, I’m going to get it now to get some of the cable channels in HD.  With a QAM tuner in your HD TV, you should be able to get “some” channels in HD over basic cable (anything you could get via sticking an antenna on your TV, you are supposed to be able to get via basic cable – I heard a rumor that it’s law).  But things like History, NGC, Discovery, Animal Planet … all of those have HD versions you can’t get over basic cable.

I’m also getting an HD-DVR from Bright House.  More on that later – I don’t have it yet.

More on the TV too when it’s in …

And more on the PS3 when it’s in.

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